All that looks Scientific need not be LOGICAL & RATIONAL!!

Had posted this as a FB Note this february;reposting here.

Was in a discussion in a whatsapp group on why Nuclear Energy is not necessary.

Given that the following facts are true:

  1. No sane minded person could claim there is Zero probability for a nuclear accident.

2. There is always a probability for a risk of a nuclear accident.

3. If there is a catastrophe , the cost to life, economy, environment and rehabiliation is immeasurable.

4. Japan is still struggling from the 11 March 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident..the nuclear SCIENTISTS do not know what to do with the contaminated water. (As scientists they are supposed to know and do what is needed..) . The cost to Japanese economy alone till date is more than USD 105 billion and could swell more. ( ).  Again, this doesn’t include cost to the environment and health & other costs due to radiation contamination that has spread to other nations through oceanic currents and air. And moreover these costs can never be measured!!

5. The chernobyl nuclear accident zone is still highly contaminated with radiation even after 28 years after the accident in 1986. A sarcophagus to cover the erstwhile plant is expected to get completed only this year.  ( )

6. Germany , a…no THE technological super power has announced it would stop it’s nuclear plants in a phased manner. At least we have a country in the world  where political leaders do THINK and take wise decisions.  Apart from this Germany is investing and scaling new peaks in renewable and green energy production. ( . That too the solar exposure to Germany is minuscule when compared to many tropical countries.  One researcher had mentioned that African countries could install Solar plants and export free , non -toxic energy to all over the world.  Forgot where I read it.

So, it’s clear that there are ways to generate energy that too abundantly without risking lives of common public.

There was also an accusation that a view against nuclear plants means it is against Science and this post is only a response to the statement. 

A simple truth in our lives is that most of our decisions are not really scientific. We are made to believe that certain things are scientific and that belief of us either runs or ruins our life :p. Anything posed, or intellegently marketed, as scientific need not be Logical & Rational. 

Presented here is an example of a practice that is believed to be scientific and followed by millions across the globe is purely ILLOGICAL and IRRATIONAL. The example we take is Diabetes and it’s treatment ,that is prominantly prevalent and available across the globe, yup Allopathy treatment for Diabetes.

Let’s see what is Diabetes. Before that a small understanding of what happens in our body when we eat.

Whatever we eat is broken down finally to glucose – pure sugar. Liver , stomach , intestines & Pancreas work together to digest our food.  Two harmones, Insulin & Glucagon secreted by the Pancreas control the level of sugar in our blood. Insulin reduces the blood sugar level if it increases beyond a threshold that’s decided by the body. On the other hand Glucagon increases the blood sugar level if it goes below a threshold level, that too that’s decided by that human body.

Assume a person is having a lifestyle that includes unnatural sleeping and eating habits or consuming plenty of food (would food-like things be more  apt?)  that could be made with tough to digest ingredients in it or due to any other ailment in the body that is already present which has resulted in the malfunctioning of the pancreas. This might result in the increase in the level of blood sugar in the body.   For ease let us call the actual reason for the malfunctioning of the Pancreas as the Original Dis-Ease.

Now coming back to Diabetes. Diabetes is basically defined as a disease where the person has higher blood sugar levels.  And allopathy treatment focuses on reducing and maintaining the blood sugar level by following scientifically well researched processes that includes giving pills with some artificial chemicals and /or injecting insulin artificially and/or even uses highly sophisticated handy instruments to measure the sugar levels.

Refering to our earlier points, the higher blood sugar levels was due to the malfunction of the pancreas. So, the mal-function of the pancreas is the disease & which has resulted in higher blood sugar and hence the higher blood sugar levels can be safely mentioned as the symptom of a malfunctioning Pancreas.

Now, what should be the Logical & Rational treatment for the ailment ? It should be a series of methods or life style changes that are necessary to make the pancreas healthy, active and function properly.  If pancreas starts to function properly the blood sugar level would automatically become normal.

But what does the modern scientific medical world do? It constantly focuses on reducing the blood sugar levels by devicing various methods. Now the original disease which caused the Pancreas to mal-function is unnoticed and it starts to grow internally. An increase in dosage of medicines (artificial chemical combinations)  is recommended to  reduce blood sugar levels. When even this is not sufficient insulin is injected from outside.

While the medical world continues to fight increased blood sugar levels, the Original Dis-Ease which caused the Pancreas to malfunction would grow and affect other organs like Kidneys, Liver & Heart. Finally the person may have a Liver failure or a Kidney failure or a Heart attack.  But isn’t that because of their wrong treatment method of focusing only on the symptom rather than on the actual cure to make the pancreas work properly?  The modern medical world would safely claim that Diabetics are prone to heart-attacks. The statistics would support them. It has to because their way of treating the symptom would result in other internal organ injuries.

Millions across the globe who follow this highly Scientific method of diagnosing and treating a symptom called High Blood Sugar Levels believe that they are treating their disease in a scientific way.  Yes, there is enough Science in it but that is limited only to diagnosing and treating a symptom while the dis-ease is untouched.  

So isn’t this true ?  Anything posed, or intellegently marketed, as scientific need not be Logical and Rational!!