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#TNPolitics – An Observation

The current state of #TNPolitics as observed by a social activist formore than 2 decades. His article on the Jallikattu Protest can be found here

Ridiculous state of Tamil Nadu Politics

We are witnessing another drama in Tamil Nadu, as usual by the politicians after the demise of a leader. The same thing happened when Annathurai died and when MGR died. Not only in Tamil Nadu and all over India, this phenomenon happens everywhere in the world. And they call it as democracy, rule of law and so on.
There is no ideological conflict, issue on any fundamental problem related to the common public or any futuristic goals, but simply an ugly, cheap, disgraceful and comical quarrel between those fighting for the heir ship for the reins of a throne. The throne, the party, the government machinery and the state of Tamil Nadu have been considered as a huge property and the conflict is as to who should own this property.

Nobody seems to give even a thought that the property really belongs to the people and as to this not as a throne, but as a great responsibility and burden or even considering the challenges the people are facing individually and as a whole in the current situation full of uncertainties in different dimensions.  


They are not ashamed of all the corruption and embezzlement that has turned out to be a ‘way of life’ for the politicians, when everybody knows that all are either directly corrupt or part of great corruptions. But they speak of breach of trust, Dharma, truth, conscience, spirit, soul and what not.


They have simply assumed that the people do not know what happened in the recent demonetization, and how the politicians saved their money through different channels when people were dying for food. They have assumed that the common people would simply forget the way in which the recent upraising was man handled by these coward politicians.

The only difference between all these politicians is that they have flags of different colors.

And as usual all the media is running behind the tails of these politicians 24/7. He started, he boarded the car, the car is going on this road, he smiled, he wept, he sat, he waved, adjusted his glasses, she adjusted her hair, he belched, she sat and so on simply wasting the time, energy and money on thousands of cameras and reporters, and they call themselves as the fourth pillar of democracy.

Out of all these stage shows, gymnastics and pole vaults one can observe a really good and a very important thing is happening.

The drama has provoked a lot of thought processes in the younger minds and it seems that the periods of foolish hero worship, at least in Tamil Nadu, is over.

The recent social upraising and the issues highlighted in the protest have been the proof of that.

The original Author of this Article can be reached at info at suka-foundation dot org