2 Lessons for Life

Shri Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi is my initiator into spirituality…

Two of his many teachings  has been helping me in different Life situations. Sharing the same here and my understandings on  them.


Expectations generally cause disappointments. Do your duty and let the doing bring its  own results.


The  only  person one can change is oneself- Not even his/her spouse or child(ren)..Because every individual is unique. So, do not waste your time and energy   in trying to change others. Change would have to be from the inside. For the seeker it would spring from within.

Very Simple yet Powerful  Lessons. 🙂





Healing ‘ 1self ‘ Naturally…

The following is a vague compilation of different learning on different topics,  I have had over the past 13 – 16 years.  Last 3 years have been very positive in learning many wonderful things that are essential for LIFE. Whatever mentioned here is nothing new – they are already here..only re-written in different words.

Certain words cannot be defined. And if they are defined they would be defined only by using its opposite. One such word is Health. It cannot be defined independently. It has to be felt. Health can be defined as absence of diseases. Again disease is dis-ease where ease has to be felt. This will also apply to the word Arokya.(rok means disease)

Before going to health, a little history of our human body.

Broadly there are two theories on Life – Creation & Evolution.  Nobody really knows which the truth is. Logically, Evolution theory seems better.. At the same time, the theory of creation cannot be disproved.  I feel both are true and co-existing..my personal opinion.

Our Science’s evolution theory  talks only about life..but not about the universe. Had learnt an evolution theory by Shri. Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi. Rationally & Logically it seems right.

To understand it simply, lets travel back on time.  We go back a century and only half the human population exists.  Still travel back further & further , one fine day human beings were never existing.  Still traveling further, one fine day the Earth hasn’t yet born and traveling further we discover even the solar system and stars were all not there in some point of time.  Further traveling  back, nothing was ever there…It was all vacuum, Space ..Pure Space….Infinite Space…No sound or Light or matter and hence no time…Just Space. (..Very tough to visualize such thing…) This Space has no center or border as it’s infinite in all directions.   So, every life should have originated from this Almighty, Infinite Pure Space.. ( தமிழில் சுத்த வெளி ) J  Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi mentions that this Space has a property of compressing whatever is within itself as well as itself.

Now, the evolution of Five Elements:   Because of it’s self compressing property, minuette particles are formed and they rotate around themselves because of the Unified Compressive Force from all directions. This rotation creates a magnetic field around the particles themselves. And when a magnetic field is there an associated charge is formed to the particle. The particles rotate, move closer and maintain a distance between them due to the repulsion of magnetic fields.  These initial particles are the first element – Aakash / Ether particles (தமிழில் விண்).  The first Element is Ether/Aakaash..or minuette space particles….and these particles float and join together to form basic protons/electrons/neutrons based on their energy/charge. ..Very sparsely formed atoms…can’t be felt by living beings.  Based on the different molecules the next element is evolved – Air (தமிழில்காற்று). Different permutations and combinations of the ether particles and electrons and protons and neutrons form different gases from the lighter Helium to the heavier Oxygen…which is nothing but Heat/Fire. Without Oxygen there is no fire. Hence the third element, Fire has eveolved (தமிழில்நெருப்பு).  Now a combination of various gases forms a liquid…two molecules of Hydrogen with one molecule of Oxygen forms Water. So Fourth element has evolved (தமிழில் நீர்). Again based on with various combinations of the basic primodal minuette ether particles , different solid elements are evolved..the fifth element Solid Matter (தமிழில் நிலம்). So the density of the particles are least in Aakaash and gradually increases in Air, Fire,Water and Solid Matter.

Now, the evolution of life:  After the five elements have evolved and because of the combination of the five elements solar system and other celestial bodies are formed. And in our Earth, first Life is born, or evolved from the five elements…The first life was a single celled organism. This Single Cell itself had a complete system to survive. This cellular Life had the properties of sourcing energy, digesting the energy , channelizing the energy to all areas within the cell, excreting waste after use and protecting itself from any other foreign attacks..or immunity. …And from here from the single celled organisms evolution started to two sensed, three sensed, four sensed, five sensed and finally six sensed Human Beings. This complete evolution from the Pure Space might have taken trillions of trillions of years ……Or at least billions of years after the first celled organism was evolved…..  We might not be aware….. Our time limit is based on Earth’s rotation. So, this human body has evolved for over billions of years and now we have a complete complex system. A separate system for Receiving Energy through Food as well as directly from the Five Elements. ..(…Yes this Life was formed from the five elements ..so the five elements which we see should have Life which we are unable to directly understand or sense..so we think they are non living things..but according to me they do have Life force within them which we are unable to recognize…..so there is nothing called non living thing…)  Then we have a system to digest the received energy, to circulate the entire energy to various parts of the body…..a system to excrete any wastes in the process…a system to reproduce and create off – springs and a system to protect us and to maintain health – the immune system and the brain and thought system as well.

The evolution cycle is represented below.

சுத்த வெளி –> ஆகாயம் /விண்  –>காற்று –>நெருப்பு –>நீர் –>நிலம் –>ஓர் அறிவுஉயிர்கள்–> ஈறறிவு உயிர்கள்–> மூன்றறிவு உயிர்கள்–> நான்கறிவு உயிர்கள்ஐ–>ந்தறிவு உயிர்கள் –>ஆறறிவு உயிர்கள் –>இறையுணர்ந்த நிலை –>சுத்த வெளி

Pure Space –> Akaash –>Air –>Fire –>Water –>Earth (Solid Matter) –>Single Sense Organisms –>Two Sense Organisms –> Three Sense Organisms –>Four Sense Living Beings –>Five Sense Organisms –>Six Sense Humans –>Self Realized State –>Pure Space

 So, we,our body is a complete, developed product with countless upgraded versions..Created by Mother Divine Nature and the up-gradation continues to this minute… and is formed by the basic Five Elements which are full of Life & Energy.

So, why should we know this history of evolution of our body..simple..

TO BELIEVE THAT THIS BODY IS A COMPLETE PRODUCT OF NATURE AND IT NEVER MAKES MISTAKE..Nature Never Makes Mistakes.This Body HAS ALL THE INHERENT CAPACITY TO KEEP LIFE IN FULL SWING WITHIN IT and Heal itself completely without any external medicines or treatments.  


Compared to this upgraded version what is the history of the healing systems….a few thousand years (Siddha,Ayurveda and Acupuncture –> these have documented treatments as old as five thousand years)  to a few hundred years ( Homeopathy & the dangerous Allopathy :P) ..So will a few hundred years of research, a 5.5 year course and a few decades of practice be enough to understand a system that’s evolved for billions of years..?

If an innocent child, that doesn’t know that fire would burn it’s fingers, touches fire. What would happen?…will fire not harm her considering that the child is too small to understand fire would cause burns? No, it would harm the child and it’s the property of the fire irrespective of who touches it…So, if we believe that fire would not harm us and touch it, still we would feel the heat and continuous heat would start burning us.

This is the case of Allopathy,we with our limited knowledge believe it will cure us but it’s property is against Life. … The other systems are pro-life while Allopathy is Anti-Life. The Problem of Allopathy is that it is highly confused..it believes symptoms are diseases and forgets to cure the disease while focuses to eradicate/hide the symptom from the body.

Now we understand that our human body is part of mother nature. And mother nature never does mistakes. So, what are diseases?

Generally what we think is fever, cough, pain, vomit, loose motions are all diseases. But in a deeper sense they are actually the body’s different ways of eliminating toxic wastes from the body. Hence actually accumulation of toxic wastes in the body is the only disease and the body is so highly evolved, it actually continuously works towards eliminating the wastes. This can be observed that when a new born comes out of the mother’s womb, excretion of wastes is an immediate process. So does even just before dying there is automatic excretion of wastes. So accumulation of wastes is the only disease. So how does one accumulate wastes in the body?.. Simple by just not following nature laws. What are the natural laws of the body? Body says it needs water by providing the feeling of thirst, says it needs energy by giving a feeling of hunger, says it needs rest by exhibiting tiredness and sleepiness. So, these are the rules to be followed : 1. Drink pure un-boiled water only when feeling thirsty. 2. Eat food only when feeling hungry 3. Take ample rest when the body feels tired. 4 Must sleep between 11 pm to 3 am as those are active times of Liver and Gall bladder for eliminating toxic wastes in the body. So, when they have to eliminate the toxins, we should help the organs by not giving anything / leaving anything to digest in the stomach. We could observe that our ancestor’s had their supper, a light diet, just after sunset.

When we don’t follow these natural laws, the body is unable to completely assimilate the energy from the diet we take and at the same time, it’s unable to eliminate the wastes completely . These wastes start to accumulate in the body in different forms. The first form is formation of mucus/cold. So this wonderful body converts the wastes into mucus and eliminates by cough. While coughing, the body utilizes a lot of energy in activating different muscles, creates enough pressure to throw out the mucus out of the body. We simply believe that cough is disease and take a cough syrup to arrest cough. Now, since we have blocked the natural process the body will wait for another good opportunity and will have to work harder to eliminate the wastes. Same is the case with fever, vomit, loose motions etc.

 Wastes in the body are of two types – acidic and alkaline. The alkaline wastes are eliminated in the way of vomit, loose motions etc.. They don’t stay in the body. But the acidic wastes don’t leave the body, they stay in the body. And when the body tries to eliminate those wastes, we feel the same as pain. A simple example is formation of kidney stones due to our misuse of the body. The body puts together all the toxic wastes forms them as tiny stones and tries to eliminate the same through the kidneys. This movement of the stones in the kidneys gives a lot of pain and hence the pain is not a disease. It’s a symptom mentioning that the body is hale and healthy and is actively working in eliminating the wastes of the body.
So how to help the body eliminate the toxic wastes naturally?
1. The foremost thing is to believe in this body, a product of nature completely. The body never makes mistakes. Allow it’s natural process of elimination of wastes.
2. Observe the body’s talks and work accordingly. If its thirsty drink water, eat only when hungry.. Let’s see what to eat and what not to separately. Sleep and take ample rest when indicated by the body. Sleep between 11 pm and 3 am and ensure to have a light supper well in the late evening itself. Following these things we could help the body to eliminate the toxic wastes naturally..
It could be observed that those working in the night shifts tend to get bulky even-though they eat very less. The fact is their body’s are unable to completely eliminate the wastes and they are getting accumulated all over the body.
3. Stop taking in toxins into the body. Like avoiding contacts with all chemicals, in the form of medicines, most processed and packed foods, white refined sugar, refined oil, our regular milk and milk products (anything other than the milk and milk products obtained from native Indian/African cow breeds) . These foods leave acidic wastes in the body.
4. Converting the body into an alkaline medium.

When the body becomes alkaline, acidic wastes gets converted into alkaline wastes and leave the body.

Moreover, when the body is full of toxic wastes – germs, bacteria and viruses, get created in the body, don’t come from outside, only to eat and destroy the acidic waste. But that would be in an extremely acidic environment. And that too as a way to eliminate the toxic waste.

i. Fasting is the best way to convert the body into an alkaline medium.

There’s a sanskrit proverb – Langanam Parama Aushadham

Which means Fasting is the universal medicine for any disease. The inner meaning is when we fast and don’t have anything, the body becomes free from digesting and utilizes all its energy in eliminating the wastes.

Having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is alkaline.. Whenever we cook we mostly convert the food into acidic.

Fresh water is alkaline. So water Fasting is a best method to eliminate toxic wastes. There’s a procedure for Fasting. Will write separately..Yet to learn it completely..

All species on earth including the meat eaters except humans have fresh uncooked alkaline food. .. 🙂

The foods that taste hot, salty and astringent (thuvarpu) are alkaline. All siddha medicines would be in this taste along with bitterness.

Sweet and sour are acidic tastes. Salty and sour tastes neutralize each other. So is sweet and hot tastes.

All these are simple methods to stay healthy. And if we keep our mind positive, we can protect ourselves from external harms like accidents, physical attacks too..
The content above are mostly  my understandings from writings of Vethathiri Maharishi, Healer.Umar Farooq, Dr.Fazlur Rahman and the book ‘இயற்கை வைத்தியம் – தமிழ்வாணன்’. (Nature Cure by Thamizhvaanan).